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Botany Primer: Understanding Botany for Nature's Notebook.

Guertin, P., Barnett, L., Denny, E.G., Schaffer, S.N. 2015. USA National Phenology Network Botany Primer. USA-NPN Education and Engagement Series 2015-001. www.usanpn.org.

This introduction to botany from the USA National Phenology Network is in the public domain but contains some copyrighted material. Although it's intended for those using Nature's Notebook to report phenological information, it's a good reference for anyone wanting an overview of plant biology.

This non-profit organization offers free online access to postsecondary textbooks in multiple disciplines, including biology. The project is a collaborative effort of The California State University Affordable Learning Solutions, the U.S. Department of Education, UC-Davis, Merlot, and the National Science Foundation. 

To access botany textbooks and resources, open the Explore the Libraries menu and choose Biology. Then choose Bookshelves and look for Botany.

School Resources: Young Naturalists

Based on the Young Naturalist series in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, this collection of natural science and outdoor activities for elementary and middle school students includes articles, teacher's guides, and study questions.

PLT provides environmental education resources for educators, community leaders, parents and others working with youth from preK through grade 12. According to PLT's website, the organization's mission is to "engage children in learning about the environment through the lens of trees and forests." Free family activities are available through the site's Resources link. 

Oriental Bittersweet in Winter

The yellow capsules and scarlet arils of Oriental Bittersweet stand out in winter. Oriental, Asian or Asiatic Bittersweet ( Celastrus orbicu...